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We are a diverse group of hospitality experts whose mission is to drive excellence for our partners and clients.
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ATM is your 360 partner in asset management in the service industry.
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We Are Your Full-Service Hospitality Solutions Team.
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ATM is a group of passionate industry leaders that builds brands and develop concepts tailored to our client's distinctive needs.

ATM Hospitality

A 360 Hospitality Consulting Team

ATM is a diverse group of industry experts that’s mission is to drive excellence for our partners and clients. ATM is your partner in asset management. We are a diverse company that brings industry best practices to our partners. ATM is a group of seasoned passionate industry leaders that build brands and develop concepts.

& results

& results

Concept Development

  • Business Plan & Brand Statement Generation
  • Investor Presentations
  • Complete Budget & Financial Performa
  • Menu Development & Recipe Creation
  • Orientation Manual & Statement of Concept
  • Full Kitchen Layout Design/Flow
  • Concept Repositioning
  • New Menu Roll-outs

Project Management

  • Secret Shopper Reports
  • Operations Assesment Customized to Your Concept
  • Computer, POS Assistance
  • Front Desk Operations Training
  • Complete New Hire Training Programs by Position
  • Recruiting Help

FOH Team Training

  • Alcohol 101 Training
  • TIPS Alcohol Awareness Certification
  • Executive Coaching
  • Train the Trainer Development
  • Front Desk Operations Training
  • Customized Server Training & Development Certification

Budget & P&L Assistance

  • Line-by-Line Analysis and P&L “Scrubbing”
  • Generate 3-10 Points of New Profit
  • Create Structured Budgeting Analysis Process
  • Increase Team Performance by Measuring Productivity
  • Ordering & Inventory Controls
  • Labor Scheduling Techniques


Partnerships we’ve built


What Our Clients Say

We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with ATM Hospitality. Adam and his team have given us some valuable tools that will help our business continue to grow and evolve in an ever competitive marketplace.
Glenn Plantone
The ATM team took us through their incubation process, which was truly an eye opener and helped us to understand how we could be successful in our market, with an investigation of the direct competition and other concepts in Manhattan to determine positive attributes and voids in the market.
Jim Hall
I would strongly recommend the very talented and industry-leading ATM Hospitality team to any restaurant operator trying to evolve their brand and improve their financial performance.
Ken Harmon

We'd Love to Hear From You

ATM Hospitality has consultants all over the world who are ready to help you achieve your goals. Please get in touch by phone or by filling out the contact form below so we can set up an initial consultation to better understand your needs.

  • Sales: 561.789.8537