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Our Shared Mission

ATM Hospitality & NeighborNosh believes that food on-the-go can be food with integrity that is both healthy and delicious.

At its core, the Cook’s Kitchen ATM powered by NeighborNosh brings together convenience and quality food via the culmination of gourmet chefs, technology and smart vending machines.

The result? Quality options in your neighborhood to serve your busy lifestyle in a meaningful way

The World’s First
Smart Vending

The NeighborNosh vending reservation App not only helps you choose the best food options to suit your cravings, but is also a first of its kind.


Lets you explore the closest locations to you and what selections those locations offer


Holds an order for you while you prepare to pick up


Helps you get to know your local brands and the great products they’ve created


Talks directly to the vending machine to provide real time data and allow for convenient prepaid pick-up through a QR code

The Competition

There are many successful go-to chains that offer their specialty in varying limited categories. 

NeighborNosh spans all categories by offering

NeighborNosh delivers unparalleled quality and gathers a strong community centered on a more sustainable modern lifestyle. We combine the best of every category setting us up to be the leader in the healthy vending space with a scalable model capable of spanning the country.

Our Cook’s Kitchen ATM is stocked daily with only the freshest and most creative selections curated from our talented cadre of chefs sourced from the best talent available in the region.

Combined with our fine selection of fresh juices, kombucha, and healthy organic snacks, the Cook’s Kitchen ATM provides a one-stop shop for the finest food & beverages in the area. and immediately connect directly with consumers inan easy, shop-around -the -corner style vending platform.

Coupled with our proprietary smartphone reservation technology, ourmachinescomewithmodern indestructible touch screens, and professional custom video production, allowing them to deliver 24/7delicious offerings with education built in: 


1. Scalable modular design: Increase inventory by adding up to 30 product machines to thepay station 

2. Watcha quick video of yourfavorite chef and learn about quality products on the 22”-86” indestructible touchscreen monitor 

3. Modern customizable exterior paired with a high-tech customizable userexperience 

4. Interact with the vending machine from the mobile app for the first time in history


Everypackage reflects our ethos for ahealthier world. Weutilize GO GREEN Technology in our packaging:

• Innovative processing utilizes 30%lessenergy and less material

• Reducescarbon footprint by using less petroleum-based products and energy

• Number 5recycling logo- microwavable, high barrier container

• Vivid colors and natural elements,reflecting the level of complexity of ourrecipes and offerings